Best Olive Oil from Israel

If you’ve found this page you probably already know that there is something special about olive oil from Israel.

The Bible calls Israel the land of milk and honey. It is also the land of olive oil. Olive trees are hardy and grow all over the Holy Land. Since ancient times people have been making olive oil in Israel. Just as then, today we harvest olives by hand and immediate cold press them into a superb extra virgin olive oil.

Timeliness is key. Olives need to be pressed as soon as possible after picking. To achieve true depth of flavor olives need to be picked at the exact right time, identifying the right mix of green and black olives on the tree, and this is an art more than a science. Like many things, picking the right time is a function of experience. You can taste the results in each bottle!

Our olive oil is made from Barnea Olives, a variety that yields a wonderful subtly nutty flavor and a bit of a peppery bite. This variety is well suited for the Israeli climate.